Access Platform

An access platform is a length of scaffolding used to gain access to lots of different types of works such as roofing, bricklaying or rendering. This type of structure provided by us can have a series of boarded platforms at the required levels and include handrail protection and a ladder. Our platforms services can be erected to any height and any length for all scenarios.

Birdcages & Crashdecks

Birdcage or crashdecks are used when a large area needs covering for works such as painting or plastering. We can help out with erecting this type of scaffolding internally or externally to provide edge protection for new developments or built to allow renovation of domestic or commercial properties. This scaffold has a large boarded area to create a safe working area for all trades.

Chimney Scaffold

This type of platform is used to reach chimney stacks for rendering or re-pointing works too difficult to reach from a ladder. A series of working lifts will be erected by our qualified erectors up to gutter level and then on to the roof to reach the chimney stack works. Chimney Scaffold lifts will be boarded at the required heights and a ladder access installed.

Conservatory Scaffolds

Scaffold over a conservatory are platforms erected over glass roofs or conservatories using alloy beams to span over the roofline with a boarded platform at the required levels to reach painting or remedial works. Double handrails will be installed by our team to provide a safe working area above the glass roof. A ladder is then installed where required.


Scaffolding services for extensions for a new house build or renovation can be installed to any height or dimension. This type can be utilised to provide access to new brickwork being built or for existing buildings that need roof repairs. We provide extension scaffolds with all lifts boarded for re-rendering and painting works if needed.

Handrail & Edge Protection

Handrail services for roof edge protection will create a safe area when working at height. We will provide these services for roofing or cladding if needed using steel clamp fittings connected to steel frame buildings during installation. Hand rails are installed to all platforms using tube and fittings connected to the uprights to give a safe working area. There are many different handrail services and solutions which can be provided by us.

Scaffolding Supplies

Scaffolding supplies and products include galvanised tube, fittings and boards. Galvanised tube comes in various lengths from 1.5m up to 6.1m. Fittings are doubles, singles, swivels and sleeves. There are many more types of fittings we provide for scaffolding works. Board sizes also vary in lengths from 1.5m to 4m and are treated to prolong the life expectancy. Please contact us and we will provide you with a full list of services and supplies we offer.

Power Access

Powered access services such as cherry pickers or scissors lifts can be provided for reaching difficult areas. Mobile elevated working platforms come in a variety of sizes for many purposes such as all terrain and elevated boom for reaching high areas. Powered cherry pickers provide a working platform that can be moved around high level areas for painting or even for steel erection.

Roof Scaffold

These type of scaffoldings will be used for gaining access for roofing works to housing developments or for restoration projects. Our roof scaffold services are there to provide a safe working platform at gutter level with the lift boarded and handrailed at this level for the works. We will also provide extra protection by installing brickguards or debris netting if the area of works is exposed to the public.

Scaffold Arms

Scaffold alarms are fitted to the structure to alert the owner if an intruder or member of the public is climbing around. They are installed with sensors that will pick up any movement and sound an alarm if tampered with. High profile projects we install on the highways or pavements have our scaffold alarms services fitted as standard.

Scaffold Towers

Scaff towers are usually between 1m and 6m sections used for all types of works. They can be used as part of a chimney stack scaffold or for bridging over a conservatory and will have boarded lifts at the required levels to carry out the works. Our scaffold tower services may be used for installing rubbish chutes to demolition projects or just for access to roof level if needed.


UK’s staging services are used for concerts and events and built to any size or height. Tube and fittings covered with boards provide a flat and level base with the option of a roof cover if needed using alloy beams and steel sheets fixed with specialist roofing couplers. We can install stages plus ramps or staircases to the platform for easy entry.

Temporary Roofs

Temporary roofs services are used and installed to give a protective cover if works need to be completed during bad weather. Alloy beams are used to span over the building tied together and then covered with corrugated sheets fixed down with specialist roofing couplers. We provide Monaflex plastic sheeting to the sides of all temporary roofs from roof level down to gutter level to increase protection from the elements.

Tree Protection

Tree protection is installed using tube and fittings to create a framework for Heras fencing to be tied on to. The framework has three horizontal rails supported by uprights and connected with double couplers. A raker tube is installed with a 1.5m tube driven into the ground for support. Tree protection is erected in accordance with BS 5837:2005 and we provide this for new builds or restoration projects that need to have tree and root protection installed in conjunction with the planning application.

Access Towers

Access Towers are scaffolds whose main function is to provide safe entry to an area such as a chimney stack or soffits and fascias located above a conservatory. Towers can be used to provide a working platform for painting or renewing windows to houses or blocks of flats. We include boarded lifts at the heights needed and a full ladder services.


Commercial scaffolds include providing access to large buildings or housing projects. We use commercial scaffolds for large factory units that need roofing renewal or repairs. For large build projects such as housing or office buildings commercial scaffolding may be built progressively or completely erected to roof level and include our loading bay services for stacking materials on.

Domestic Services

For householders and smaller projects that may want to carry out the works themselves platforms can be provided for small roofing works or for decorating windows around the home. Domestic scaffolding services can be provided to areas out of reach with a ladder to make working at home safe. We install structures for gutter works or even loft conversions.

Gantry Solutions

For areas that need spanning over such as driveways gantry scaffolding services using alloy beams can be erected. Gantry scaffolds can be erected if you need access to an area of the building but need to obtain access to a car park or block of garages at the rear of the building. We erect gantry scaffolds on new build sites for forklift access between plots if needed.

Heras Fencing

Heras fencing is a steel mesh panel used to provide site security for new build projects or events to give a fenced off perimeter to keep the general public away from danger. Heras fencing panels are provided with a rubber block for support and a steel fencing coupler to join the panels together for added security. There are different types of panels from square topped, roll topped and solid steel panels.

New Builds

Access on new construction projects such as housing estates or commercial properties can be erected progressively with the external trades or erected in one operation for larger commercial properties having cladding or roofing works completed. Our services include progressive scaffolding and the use of loading bays for stacking materials on and come with all lifts boarded.


Ramps are provided for events as entry points to staged areas and constructed to exact dimensions to create the length and angle needed to install equipment to the areas required. Building sites also can be covered using ramps get to plots for moving building materials around. We can provide any type scaffolding ramp services you require.

Rubbish Chutes

Our Rubbish chute service can be installed to any length and size depending on the use and the type of rubbish being cleared. For flat roofing and renovation projects we have the chute sections that can be attached together to make a continuous rubbish chute attached to the scaffolding erected or secured into a window using tube and fittings. We can provide a hopper head at all building levels for clearing debris to office block refurbishments.

Scaffold Design

For complicated or support scaffolding, scaffold design may be needed to calculate the loadings needed to carry out the works. Scaffold design produces scaled drawings and calculations for client approval and can be erected by our advanced scaffolders. All types of shore scaffolds, loading bays or even temporary roof scaffolds can be designed and calculated if needed.

Scaffold Inspection Service

Scaffold inspection needs to be carried out every seven days or after adverse weather to all scaffolding erected from small domestic projects to large scale commercial projects. The scafftag system will be installed to complete scaffolding and signed weekly buy the user if trained to do so. The user will need to complete a scaffold inspection course to enable them to check the scaffolding or we will provide the service if preferred.

Staircase Scaffolds

Staircase scaffolds including Layher and Haki stairs will be supplied by including being erected and dismantled to provide a safe means of entry. Our staircase services may be supplied to access a roof level or new build project and be included in the fire escape plan as a means of escape. If the building is a new build steel frame construction having the roof cover fitted before the stairs are installed, a haki staircase may also be used to gain entry to the roof.

Timber Frames

Scaffolding for timber frame construction will be installed to the specification needed including the correct lift heights to install the timber cassettes and then adapted for the external works like brickwork, cladding or rendering to be completed. Timber frame scaffolding services will have all lifts boarded and we can install ladder towers to suit the works if requested.





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